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Gilbert & Suzy


There needs to be a change in the way people eat, and I believe that starts with us.” - Gilbert Gonzalez, Co-founder, Elements Natural Foods and The Salad Box

Hello, and welcome to the official website of The Salad Box.

We appreciate your business and are determined to provide you with a high quality and satisfying product. Allow us to tell you a little bit about us… The Salad Box was founded in 2014 by Gilbert and Suzy Gonzalez in West Covina, California. Gilbert and Suzy, previously certified professional trainers, became passionate about health foods after being immersed in the fitness industry for several years and witnessing firsthand the impact a nutritious diet had on the overall vitality and performance of their clients. Additionally, following the loss of Suzy’s mother and father to cancer, the couple felt an overwhelming desire to make quality, healthy, organic foods available to their community, which was once referred to as a “health food desert.”

Thus, The Salad Box was born. The Salad Box is proud to offer a range of carefully crafted, made-to-order, items including signature salads, complete with homemade dressings, cold-pressed juices, acai bowls, smoothies, health tonics, fresh smashed lemonade, and breakfast items including oatmeal and yogurt bowls. The best part? The Salad Box is 100% organic and sources produce from local farms as often as possible. In addition, The Salad Box is conscious of dietary restrictions and allergies, and therefore, aims to accommodate our customers as best as possible by offering vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and other allergen related options and substitutions upon request. It is our mission to always provide nutritionally dense, satisfying, and eco-friendly food choices to the greater public. We hope that you enjoy our restaurant and we look forward to meeting all of you. For the people and for the planet. Gilbert and Suzy Gonzalez


Salad Creation Expert


Salad Creation Expert

"I love creating art and helping people be the happiest & healthiest they can be!"


Salad Creation Expert

"I love being Vegan!"


Salad Creation Expert

"I believe the world is a beautiful place and the people in it are even more lovely."


Salad Creation Expert

"I am a family guy, taking care of my nieces are what I'm happy to go home to."


Salad Creation Expert

"I've been on three mission trips with my church to help bring food, clothes, and other things to different countries."


Salad Creation Expert

"Yoga & hiking are two of my favorite activities."


Salad Creation Expert

"My biggest goal is to b a police officer and live stable on my own, with a big house."


Salad Creation Expert

"I'm passionate about food, I'm also passionate about going to the gym although I've been slacking this past couple weeks."


Salad Creation Expert


Salad Creation Expert

"I feel at peace when I am in the natural state of mother Earth."


Salad Creation Expert

"Happiness & loving life is what makes a healthy gracious life."